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By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
January 11, 2019
Category: Family Dentistry
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Find out why your budding family could benefit from having a regular family dentist.

Choosing a dentist that will work with your family and provide everyone with the care they deserve is of the utmost importance. After all, you also want a dentist that will provide gentle, patient and compassionate care to your children while also offering a full range of services to meet your needs. This is where your Radcliff, KY, family dentist Dr. Ernest Skaggs comes in.

Say Yes to a Family Dentist

We can provide dental care to everyone, from your child's first appointment to your older parents!

Say Yes to Convenience

Being able to get all the dental care you need in one place is a major benefit for anyone. After all, we know the last thing you want to do is run all over town bringing your child to a dentist while you have to visit a separate dentist. Why not streamline the process and bring every member of your family into our office?

By doing so you can make it easier for everyone to get the routine checkups and cleanings they need for a healthier smile while also saving you time and stress. We can even work with your busy schedule to find a day for everyone to come into the office for cleanings.

Say Yes to Dentistry You Can Trust

Nothing is more important than having doctors that you trust to care for you and your child’s health, and having a dentist you trust is no different. By turning to a family dentist you will get knowing and trusted care from experts who understand your medical history. So, no matter whether it's your child's first visit, or you have a dental phobia, we can provide the tailored and compassionate treatment you and your family deserve.

If you’ve been looking for a family dentist that everyone can turn to in Radcliff, KY, then call our dental office today to schedule appointments for the whole family with Dr. Skaggs. Maintaining a healthy smile is easy when you have a dentist you trust.

By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
November 03, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Looking for easy ways to simplify your life? Consider choosing one dentist for your entire family. Your Radcliff, KY, dentist, Dr. Ernest family dentistSkaggs, explains how you'll benefit by visiting a family dentist.

Quality care for the entire family

There are no age restrictions when you choose a family dentist. In fact, it's not unusual for the dentists to treat two or three generations of the entire family. Family dentists are experienced in treating and diagnosing a range of dental problems, from developmental abnormalities in children to gum disease in adults and senior citizens.‚Äč

Complete range of services

Family dentists offer a variety of treatments and procedures that can improve your oral health and your appearance, including:

  • Fillings to replace decayed portions of your teeth
  • Crowns to restore damaged teeth and hide flaws
  • Bridges, dentures and dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Root canal therapy
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Veneers to cover imperfections in your tooth enamel
  • Teeth whitening
  • Braces

More time for you

Visiting several different dentists can be time consuming when you're the one driving family members to their appointments. In addition to the time spent on the road and in the waiting room, you'll also have to use your paid time off to cover the hours that you're not at work. Family dentists can schedule back-to-back appointments for the entire family, ensuring that you only have to make one trip to the dentist every six months.

A positive experience for your children

New experiences can be a little scary for children. Visiting our Radcliff office with your kids is an excellent way to ensure that your children regard a dental visit as a positive experience. When your children see that you enjoy your visits and look forward to interacting with the dentist and staff, they'll be much more likely to feel good about their own visits.

Safeguard your family's oral health by visiting a family dentist. Call Dr. Skaggs in Radcliff, KY, at (270) 351-3265 to schedule your appointment.

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