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By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
January 11, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Could your smile benefit from all that crowns and bridges can offer you?

You cracked or lost a tooth. Now what? If serious damage has occurred to your smile, then it’s time you turned to our Radcliff, KY dentist dental crownsDr. Ernest Skaggs for help. Find out how crowns and bridges can improve your oral health for the long term.

A crown is designed to cover and protect a damaged tooth while bridges are meant to replace one or more teeth in a row. Both restorations can be supported by either your teeth or an implant, depending on your needs, health and budget.

When might I need a crown?

Our Radcliff general dentist may recommend getting a crown if:

  • You’ve just recently had a root canal
  • You have a tooth that is damaged, weakened or fractured
  • You have a tooth that is severely misshapen, malformed or discolored
  • You need to cover an implant to replace a single missing tooth
  • You need to support a dental bridge

When might I need a dental bridge?

Getting a dental bridge is a great option if you are missing one or more teeth in a row but you have healthy surrounding teeth that can support this restoration. Sometimes, if a tooth is so badly damaged or decaying, we can’t save the tooth and we will need to extract it. Once the tooth has been removed, we can discuss whether getting a dental bridge is the best way to replace your missing tooth.

What are the benefits to getting these restorations?

As you can probably imagine, a damaged or missing tooth can cause some serious issues for your oral health. But getting a crown or bridge can improve your appearance, make it easier to chew or speak, protect your teeth and prevent teeth from shifting out of alignment all while boosting your self-esteem.

If you think your smile could benefit from either of these restorations, then it’s time you picked up the phone and called our Radcliff, KY, dental practice today to schedule your consultation.

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