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By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
February 29, 2016
Category: Family Dentistry

Baby teeth - everyone can agree that they are precious and adorable. And while there is no question that teaching children the children's dentistimportance of good oral hygiene as early as possible is important, from an adult perspective, how important are baby teeth really, considering they're going to fall out anyway?

It's a valid (and common) question. Unfortunately, baby teeth are still susceptible to the long term damage that bacteria and tooth decay can inflict on the gums and underlying bone. What happens to a child's baby teeth can also affect the strength and health of their adult teeth once they erupt.

Pediatric Dental Care in Radcliff, KY

Dr. Ernest Skaggs, a Radcliff, KY based family dentist, offers pediatric services to help address the unique dental needs of the littlest patients. Dr. Skaggs offers parents a few simple guidelines that anyone can incorporate to help their children learn about and appreciate good oral hygiene habits early - even before the baby teeth make an appearance!

  • First things first - schedule a check up and dental exam for your child to get the ball rolling.
  • How soon is too soon to start brushing and flossing? The key is to spark an interest in brushing and make it fun and engaging for children. Using an infant brush to gently brush the gums as the teeth are starting to erupt is a great way to get a head start. Once the teeth begin to come in, the same standards as permanent teeth apply - brush twice daily, and introduce floss when the teeth begin to touch.
  • Control the sugar intake (this one is a no brainer). Sugar can lead to cavities and decay, even in baby teeth, and set children up for dental problems that will extend to their permanent teeth as well. Dr. Skaggs advises parents to switch out sugary juices for water to help control the amount of sugar that accumulates on the teeth throughout the day.
  • (Don't) chew on this. Staples of childhood like pacifiers are useful and perfectly fine, within reason. The recommended age to ween a child off a pacifier in order to avoid problems with spacing and alignment as the baby teeth begin to erupt is around age two.

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The dental care and oral hygiene needs of babies and children differ from those of adults. A family dentist with pediatric experience can help your child transition to strong and healthy permanent teeth. To learn more about pediatric dental care and how to keep your child's baby teeth strong and healthy, contact Dr. Ernest Skaggs at
(270)351-3265 to schedule an appointment today.

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