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By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
September 25, 2019
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While losing a tooth can be exciting for children, once permanent teeth come in there is nothing exciting about losing a tooth; however, accidents happen and it’s important that you have a dentist that you can turn to for immediate or even urgent dental care. Our Radcliff, KY, family dentist Dr. Ernest Skaggs offers a wide range of dental services including these options for replacing missing teeth.


Many people who are missing all or most of their teeth end up turning to dentures. Full dentures are designed to replace an entire row of missing teeth and sit on top of the gums. Partial dentures attach to neighboring teeth to hold them in place. The benefits of dentures are that they are usually the least expensive option and they require very little preparation before they are fitted.

Impressions are taken of your mouth and then dentures are made from those impressions to provide you with custom teeth. Most patients can get their new teeth in a couple of weeks.


If you are missing a tooth you may choose to get a dental bridge to fill the gap. A dental bridge uses dental crowns on both sides of a false tooth. These crowns are placed over natural teeth next to the gap to hold the artificial tooth in place.

In order to get dental bridges from our Radcliff, KY, dentist we will need to check the health of your natural teeth to make sure that they are strong enough to support crowns and the bridge. Like dentures, getting a bridge is simple and usually can be placed in just two appointments.

Dental Implants

Implants are the closest you can come to real teeth. These artificial tooth roots are made from titanium and are placed into the jawbone where they integrate with bone and tissue through a natural process called osseointegration. Of course, implants do require surgery and it can take anywhere from 9 months to more than one year to get implants; however, once placed, implants are the longest-lasting tooth replacement, and with the proper care they could last the rest of your life.

Are you or a loved one dealing with tooth loss in Radcliff, KY? If you are looking for a family dentist who can treat every member of your family and make sure that they get the proper dental care they need then call our office today to schedule your next appointment.

By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
June 30, 2017
Category: Dental/Oral Care
Tags: Tooth Loss  

A missing tooth could spell disaster for the rest of your smile if you ignore it.Tooth Loss

Are you one of the millions of Americans faced with permanent tooth loss? If so, you may be feeling rather defeated by the whole thing. Before you just shrug your shoulders and accept this problem, your Radcliff, KY dentist, Dr. Ernest Skaggs, is here to tell you why you may want to replace your missing teeth if you value your oral health.

You may not realize all the issues that can befall you when you lose a missing tooth. After all, it’s just one tooth, how bad can it be? Well, unfortunately, the consequences can be rather bad if you don’t replace the tooth. Here are just some ways that untreated tooth loss can affect your oral health in the long run:

Bone Loss

Your jawbone needs all of your tooth roots in order to stay healthy and strong. When you lose a tooth you also lose the tooth roots, which is an essential part of jawbone health. Without all your tooth roots, the jawbone will begin to breakdown and lose density. The jawbone will get smaller and become more brittle and prone to fracturing and damage. By getting a restoration like dental implants from your Radcliff dentist you can prevent significant bone loss.

Dental Misalignments

Do you love that you have a straight smile? Want to avoid needing braces? If so, then you better replace your missing tooth or teeth right away. By leaving gaps in your smile you allow the rest of your teeth to shift into that gap. While this won’t happen overnight, if you aren’t planning to treat your tooth loss then this will inevitably happen. Your smile may end up having wonky gaps between teeth, crowding or even crookedness, which will require orthodontics in order to treat the problem.

Worn Teeth

When you lose one or more teeth you affect what teeth take the most weight and force from your jaws. This is one reason having a properly aligned smile is important. All teeth should experience the same amount of jaw pressure and not more. Of course, if you don’t have all your teeth then it’s only natural that some teeth will suffer from more wear and tear than is necessary, which can lead to fractures, cracks and other problems.

Tooth loss can easily be treated when you turn to your Radcliff, KY, restorative dentist Dr. Skaggs. Give us a call and tell us that you’re interested in getting dental implants. We would be happy to schedule a consultation with you.

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