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By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
March 24, 2020
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The Basics on Pediatric Dental Care

Just as your child needs regular checkups and examinations with their doctor, kids from toddler to teen also require consistent trips to the dentist. Oral health plays a role in whole body health, and getting an early start on dental hygiene is crucial for keeping your child on track for a lifetime of strong, clean teeth.

Family dentist Dr. Ernest Skaggs in Radcliff offers complete pediatric dental care for your child, starting at the time their first teeth come in all the way through adulthood. Here is what your family dentist at our office can do for your child:

Infant oral health exams: When your child starts developing teeth, generally around six months of age, your family dentist will check the overall health of the teeth and provide you instruction on how to brush your infant's teeth properly. As more of your child's teeth come in, your family dentist can talk to you about how a pacifier or thumb sucking can negatively affect your child's teeth, and provide tips for weaning them off those habits.

Toddler oral health exams: Once your child has all their teeth, your family dentist at our Radcliff office will perform more thorough cleanings during your visit, likely including a flouride application. Your family dentist will also help your child learn good brushing habits.

Preventative dental care for all ages: At our Radcliff office, we are equipped to perform cleanings on patients of all ages, and recommend your child comes in every six months for an examination and polishing. During these visits we will also check for any decay, cavities, dental defects, or issues with tooth spacing or alignment.

Restorative dental care for all ages: Your family dentist can fill cavities and fix chips or cracks in your child's teeth. At our office, we also offer braces, retainers, and other implements if your child's permanent teeth are overcrowded, poorly spaced or crooked.

Good dental hygiene starts with the first tooth. Schedule an appointment for your child with a family dentist at our Radcliff, KY, office today by calling (270) 351-3265.

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