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March 11, 2019
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A lot of patients settle for removable dentures as their only tooth restoration option after losing teeth to decay, gum disease, or a sportsdental implants injury. But if you find yourself in this situation, it’s always best to explore all of the possible solutions for tooth loss. If your goal is to fully rebuild your smile so that it has the same general look and function as before, allow your family dentist in Radcliff, KY Dr. Ernest Skaggs, to place dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?
Implant devices are used throughout the medical field in different applications. In dentistry, implantation technology is used to replace missing teeth. Rather than simply adding a superficial false tooth, a three-part dental device including the implant is provided. The implant, which is made of titanium material and shaped like a small screw with tightly placed ridges, provides the same function as a tooth root. Then, an abutment and crown is added to complete the part of the new tooth that is visible above the gumline.

Implants Rebuild Your Smile
Though dentures fill in small gaps caused by tooth loss, dental implants will help completely rebuild your smile. Healthy bone tissue has a chance to renew itself and stay strong when there is an implant using it to stay rooted. The crown is designed to comfortably fill the open space to provide your other teeth with the support they need. You can feel comfortable showing off all of your teeth when you smile or laugh knowing that all of the gaps are filled.

Additional Dental Implant Benefits to Consider
If you want the best chance of a beautiful, long lasting smile after tooth loss or extraction, a dental implant or implant-supported device placed by your Radcliff, KY family dentist is the best choice. It will become a permanent part of your smile for decades and no one will know it’s a rebuilt tooth instead of a tooth that you were born with. Brush and floss around your crowned implant regularly to keep it free from tartar build-up.

A Second Chance for Your Smile
Don’t give up on your smile after tooth loss. Dr. Ernest Skaggs is a skilled family dentist specializing in restorative dentistry who serves patients in Radcliff, KY. He can rebuild your smile with dental implants and crown restorations. Call the office at 270-351-3265 today for an appointment.

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January 11, 2019
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Find out why your budding family could benefit from having a regular family dentist.

Choosing a dentist that will work with your family and provide everyone with the care they deserve is of the utmost importance. After all, you also want a dentist that will provide gentle, patient and compassionate care to your children while also offering a full range of services to meet your needs. This is where your Radcliff, KY, family dentist Dr. Ernest Skaggs comes in.

Say Yes to a Family Dentist

We can provide dental care to everyone, from your child's first appointment to your older parents!

Say Yes to Convenience

Being able to get all the dental care you need in one place is a major benefit for anyone. After all, we know the last thing you want to do is run all over town bringing your child to a dentist while you have to visit a separate dentist. Why not streamline the process and bring every member of your family into our office?

By doing so you can make it easier for everyone to get the routine checkups and cleanings they need for a healthier smile while also saving you time and stress. We can even work with your busy schedule to find a day for everyone to come into the office for cleanings.

Say Yes to Dentistry You Can Trust

Nothing is more important than having doctors that you trust to care for you and your child’s health, and having a dentist you trust is no different. By turning to a family dentist you will get knowing and trusted care from experts who understand your medical history. So, no matter whether it's your child's first visit, or you have a dental phobia, we can provide the tailored and compassionate treatment you and your family deserve.

If you’ve been looking for a family dentist that everyone can turn to in Radcliff, KY, then call our dental office today to schedule appointments for the whole family with Dr. Skaggs. Maintaining a healthy smile is easy when you have a dentist you trust.

By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
October 30, 2018
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Dental ImplantsDental implants from your dentist in Radcliff, Kentucky, can make you smile again

If you are missing teeth, you may be wondering if dental implants are right for you. The truth is, implants are an excellent tooth replacement solution as they can restore both your natural smile and chewing function. Dr. Ernest O. Skaggs in Radcliff, Kentucky, provides patients with dental implants; read below to decide if they are the right choice for you!

Are you a good candidate?

Dental implants are right for you if you want to replace either a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth and desire a more natural choice than dental bridges, partials, or dentures. Additional reasons include that implants:

  • Are completely stable and won’t move around because they are firmly embedded in bone
  • Look virtually identical to natural teeth because, like tooth enamel, the implant crown reflects light
  • Are the most successful surgical implant, with a success rate of over 95 percent
  • Are easy to maintain because you brush and floss them along with your natural teeth

There are a few issues which might impact the health of your dental implants, so be sure and let Dr. Skaggs know if you smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Diabetes and a history of radiation to your jaws can also influence your healing time after dental implant treatment. Additionally, if you have a history of gum or periodontal disease, be sure to let your dentist know.

Interested? Call today!

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry and allowed people to smile again with natural-looking, beautiful tooth replacements. Find out if dental implants are right for you by calling Dr. Ernest O. Skaggs in Radcliff, Kentucky, at (270) 351-3265. We can make you smile again!

By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
September 07, 2018
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What your family dentist in Radcliff, Kentucky wants you to know


When you brush and floss, you are protecting more than just your teeth; you are protecting your gums too. If you aren’t practicing goodGum Disease Chart oral hygiene habits, you may be on your way to red, swollen, painful gums and gum disease. Dr. Ernest Skaggs in Radcliff, Kentucky wants to share some of the early warning signs and symptoms of gum disease and how you can make your smile healthy again.

In its early stages, gum disease is reversible, but it’s important to be able to recognize it early so you can take action. These are some of the signs and symptoms of gum disease you should not ignore:

  • Your gums bleed when you brush and floss
  • Your gums are red, irritated, and painful
  • Your gums are swollen and puffy
  • You have frequent bad breath or a sour taste in your mouth

So, what causes gum disease? It’s caused by plaque. That’s because plaque contains millions of harmful bacteria that produce toxins. These toxins are strong enough to cause infection in your gums, resulting in gum disease and all of its signs and symptoms.

You can prevent gum disease by following a program of regular brushing and flossing. You should:

  • Brush after eating and before you go to bed
  • Floss at least once every day
  • Visit your dentist yearly for a full dental exam, including x-rays
  • Visit your dental hygienist for a dental cleaning every 6 six months

Gum disease can be reversed, but if it is left untreated, the bacteria can begin to destroy the bone that surrounds your teeth. Once the bone is involved, you now have periodontal disease, which can’t be reversed, but it can be managed. Destruction of the supporting bone can result in loose teeth, and eventually, tooth loss.

It’s vital to recognize the signs and symptoms of gum disease so you can do something about it. You don’t want it to develop into periodontal disease. For more information about gum disease and how your dentist can help, call Dr. Ernest Skaggs in Radcliff, Kentucky today!

By Dr. Ernest Skaggs
July 23, 2018
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Dental fillings are used to restore and strengthen teeth affected by decay. In the past, silver colored Amalgam fillings were the primary fillingsoption for filling cavities. While durable and effective, the silver color of Amalgam fillings is readily noticeable. Tooth colored fillings are a contemporary alternative that blends in with the teeth so no one will notice your fillings when you smile. Dr. Ernest Skaggs is your Radcliff family dentist for tooth colored fillings.

What are Tooth Colored Fillings?

Tooth colored fillings are a durable dental filling made from a resin material that can be light cured to match the color of your teeth. The ability to color match resin tooth colored fillings to your natural teeth means the fillings blend in, which is an advantage tooth colored fillings have over other types of dental fillings. Once your tooth colored fillings are in place, no one will be able to tell you even have dental fillings.

Tooth colored fillings are applied in the same manner as other types of dental fillings. Your Radcliff family dentist removes all signs of infection and decay from the affected tooth. The tooth’s interior is thoroughly cleaned and the tooth is then filled and sealed with the resin filling material. A special light is used to dry and cure the resin material until the color matches that of your teeth. Once filled in, the affected tooth is strengthened and restored and can resume normal biting and chewing functions.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

There are several benefits to selecting tooth colored fillings to fill and seal cavities. They offer the cosmetic benefit of being unnoticeable, as well as the functional benefit of restoring normal biting and chewing functions. Tooth colored fillings offer the following benefits:

  • Discreetly blend in with the natural teeth
  • Strengthen teeth affected by infection or decay
  • Restore normal biting and chewing functions
  • No concern over possible mercury exposure since they are made from resin

Tooth colored dental fillings offer several benefits, such as matching the color of your teeth. For tooth colored fillings in the Radcliff area, schedule an appointment with family dentist Dr. Skaggs, in Radcliff, KY by calling the dental office at (270) 351-3265.

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